Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Untold Story of Aries and Venus

On a bright sunny day, a band of army of Zeus fell into the place of Tartarus in order to collect homage to their God Zeus but the rebels doesn't want to pay homage to the great King instead it declares war against the great God Zeus. Zeus sent for his son Aries in order to lead the battle and the fight was fierce. Finally the rebels was disarmed and was forced to slavery. And one of the slaves was Venus, the young girl who is a fox hunter. There was a great celebration in Mt. Olympus in honor to Aries for his victory in war. There were lots of foods and the wine flowed in the streets. There are competitions as well. In a cage fight, a young girl was forced to bring down a tiger in exchange of her freedom. Luckily, the girl was able to beat the tiger and she and her other friends was given freedom. But after that victory, she doesn't like to go back to Tartarus because there is no future there instead she joined the band of hunters in Olympus in order to have a living. The great God Zeus was overwhelmed with all the achievements that Venus has so He declared her as an adapted daughter of Olympus. Zeus held a feast for the declaration of Venus as an adapted daughter and the whole Olympus was greatly overjoyed with the declaration. But after several months the rebels broke out again in Tartarus so this time around Zeus sent Aries and Venus to lead the battle. There was great bloodshed in the battle and Aries armies almost cut in half of their numbers. So Venus got a brilliant idea, Aries, what if we do not fight them instead we make friends of them and share what we have to them maybe they will be grateful to us and they will stop fighting against us. Aries agreed with the idea because he was also greatly outnumbered. Venus held a speech in the public square of Tartarus saying her propositions and agreements with the people of Tartarus. "I will not make war with you anymore because I realized that we are all brothers and sisters sharing the same visions of peace and prosperity". What are we to do Venus? All we have to do is just to share what we have to others and in that way we need not fight against each other in order to stop this war. The people of Tartarus agreed with the propositions of Venus and because of that peace was achieved between the people of Tartarus and Olympus. For the final event, Zeus declared Aries as the god of war and Venus the goddess of love and peace.

The End.
M.M.F. #03