Saturday, April 23, 2016

I'm sorry my love

I am sorry because I have stepped on your pride
It's maybe because I am intimidated by you

I am sorry for not loving you back
maybe because I am afraid of the responsibilities that I might get into

I am sorry for hurting your heart
maybe because I was confused of what is going on

I am sorry for trampling your credibility
maybe because I am afraid that you might control me

I am sorry for my disobedience
maybe because I have better plans for myself

I am sorry to cause you pain and confusion
maybe because I have no choice but to fight back

I am sorry for the late reply
maybe because I have to recover from death first

I am sorry for being sorry
maybe because I feel the urgency to say so

I am sorry if it will disturb you
maybe because I have no intention to harm you

I am so sorry
from the bottom of my heart....

The Time of my life

Is there anybody who can control time? Time has many faces; there are times that are rough; there are times that are smooth sailing, there are sweet times and there are bitter times. But how do we control those times that might come to us. It sounds so unfair if one is get stocked in rough times, the time when everybody is against you and there's nothing left but all regrets. Maybe being calm could help because it will lighten up the burden and it lets positive vibes to come in. Silence will shut the noisy roar of danger that is lurking around and also letting the heavens to interfere with the affairs of your life. A little drama could help to let the heavy heart to have a rest for a while. After everything have been said, again, you will to decide if you will to die or to live. Maybe you have tried to commit suicide but it doesn't work maybe that's not the end of your life yet. Then one day the pages of your life are now turned into the sweet times. Now you said, at last the heavens have regarded my cause and still prolonging the number of my days. The sweet times are soft and smooth but sometimes it can be boring. You are now longing for some adrenaline rush, then suddenly you remembered how great you were during your rough times and you feel rewarded. Then one day something so dear will be taken away from you. You will ask, why did you take it? I can't live without him, you will grow bitter. But after some time you will meet someone new then you will forget how bitter you were from the past. Finally, you will hope that there will be no rough times because you finally adopt with the new one. This is life and this is time if you will not control it somebody will.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

You are the star of my life

I feel amazed with the beauty of your love
You dressed me with joy and happiness and your sweet touch
The secret key to happiness is finally have been found
And I feel abound with the blessings that the heavens sent from above

When you uncover the secret door of innocence
Thousands of emotions unleashed from then on
Purity, love and joy have been our dwelling place
We shared the ecstasy of being together

Buy my star grew dim when darkness strikes
I am engulf with the storms of envy and greed
I think my star have lost its power
Thanks be to God he didn't lost sight of me

You are the champion of my life
The key of my strength
You are the star of my life
And the lover of my soul

The blood of my veins gets rush in admiration
How can I deal with you in a simple notion
You are the star but I am just simple
There's nothing more to ask because of you I have more than enough

Sunday, April 17, 2016

The Hostage

Darling, can you see how rich I am? I can give you the world if you want it. But honey, you are my world which means you are the world to me. Hahahaha, that's my wife, very loyal to me. Darling, is there any difficulty running the business now. So far honey, nothing. (Suddenly the alarm rung). What is it darling? As the woman look out the window, she was almost hit by a bullet. Honey, we are being attacked. Go get your gun. Call the bodyguards. The man was caught off guard by three men he was overcome and passed out and was detained in a certain room. While, the woman was able to climbed the high walls in the backyards and got away.
The woman came running through the street and then got a taxi. She went to her relatives and asked for help. While she was sitting in the sofa of her Auntie the phone rang and the caller were the perpetrator. Hey! what do you want? Release my husband. Give us the code of the vault in your house and I will free your husband. No! I will not. First give me the assurance that my husband is still alive. Honey, don't listen to them. Don't give them the code because they will still kill me trust me they are evil person. Don't trust their words. Your husband is right, don't give the code we don't know if they will honor the agreement. But Auntie, what about my husband they will kill him. And what about you, think about your future. Anyway you also have your own savings aside from the wealth that your husband gave you. You can get away with that and have your own life.
The hostage taker called again. Hey woman, we need the money or else your husband will be dead. Okay! but let me get inside the house again and let my husband run at the rooftop. Okay.
The woman get inside the house while the police were following the woman and snipers were positioned at the rooftop. The helicopter already arrived as the get away vehicle of the couple.
Okay, the code is 0093500. Now, release my husband. No, we must open the vault first. But you promised! The husband got up and shoot the hostage taker. The man killed them all and their money was kept safe in the vault. The police get the dead body and did not filed a case against the couple for it is a pure self defense. And they need not to ride the helicopter. They cleaned the house and rearranged the house and make it beautiful again. And they live happily ever after.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Old Photograph

This miniseries started in school

Audrey a newbie in school became the center of attention because of her fight with the number one student Toby. Toby got it all, good looks, wealth, and most of all influential family. So what are you gonna do now stupid! You have stained my white uniform. Hey! I said, I don't intend to do it, it's just an accident. What do you want bitch? You want me? You wish! Who are you anyway? You are just a little girl trying to get my attention. So do you want attention? Don't worry I'll give you what you want! So Toby published the face of the girl and also her entire family with this heading BEWARE OF SOCIAL CLIMBER! Toby also told his bodyguard to put CCTV camera in all of the areas where Audrey might go.
The father of Audrey went into the mansion of Toby and ask for forgiveness and was willing to pay everything that Audrey had damaged. The father of Toby said, I just don't want my son to be upset because that might disturbed his studies. So the father of Toby accepted the apology plus the little amount of money as payment for the shame that her daughter did.
Father, I wanted to transfer to other school, I can't stand seeing Toby everyday and mocking daily. Audrey, your scholarship is only applicable to that school and what about your dream of becoming a great photographer. Aside from that, you have nothing more to shame because I already paid them. No Dad, I want to transfer. I will show that stupid brat that I can stand by my own.
Audrey transferred to a public school and at last she felt relieved and free. While Toby pursued his course in Military. They both graduated with the highest honors at their respective school and they were both happy in their own lives.
Hey Ma'am somebody delivered this photos to you. Audrey look at the photos and those are the picture of her family and her house. She felt nervous about it. There is an inserted note in the photos, it says, If you want your family and your house in perfect order you must come and see me in the club house pool area of my village. Maybe you know me, Toby. What do this bullshit want? Audrey felt afraid.
Audrey stepped down of the taxi and look seriously at the club house. There are bodyguards of Toby around and it leads her through her way until she came to the table where Toby had seated. Hi Audrey, good evening. Thank you that you came at my invitation. Invitation! What kind of invitation is that? You scare me. You have no idea how scared I am to get here. What is this? Is it still because of the accident that happened between the two of us? Common Toby! Move on! Besides my father have already paid you. What do you want?
You don't know Audrey but you won my heart. I cannot still move on because I always find you so perfectly beautiful in those photos in the CCTV camera. You are so natural, so naive, you are amazing Audrey and I am so sorry for being so rude to you. Please forgive me. You don't know it but I love you, believe me it's true. No Toby! I cannot forgive you because you have caused pain to my father and suffering to my family. I don't want to get involve with you anymore. Audrey left Toby broken.
Toby sent bundles of flowers to the house of Audrey that it can almost create a garden. On the next days, Toby hosts a buffet dinner to the entire apartment where Audrey lived. Toby did everything just to win Audrey but still no response. Until one day, the father of Audrey had a severe stroke that makes her father in a state of coma. What should I do now? I have no money and the business of my father is already bankrupt. Toby visited the hospital and paid the bills and have ordered that the operation must be started. As Audrey arrived she was surprised that her father was already in the operating room. Who did this nurse? Me. Toby!

to be continued....