Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Time of my life

Is there anybody who can control time? Time has many faces; there are times that are rough; there are times that are smooth sailing, there are sweet times and there are bitter times. But how do we control those times that might come to us. It sounds so unfair if one is get stocked in rough times, the time when everybody is against you and there's nothing left but all regrets. Maybe being calm could help because it will lighten up the burden and it lets positive vibes to come in. Silence will shut the noisy roar of danger that is lurking around and also letting the heavens to interfere with the affairs of your life. A little drama could help to let the heavy heart to have a rest for a while. After everything have been said, again, you will to decide if you will to die or to live. Maybe you have tried to commit suicide but it doesn't work maybe that's not the end of your life yet. Then one day the pages of your life are now turned into the sweet times. Now you said, at last the heavens have regarded my cause and still prolonging the number of my days. The sweet times are soft and smooth but sometimes it can be boring. You are now longing for some adrenaline rush, then suddenly you remembered how great you were during your rough times and you feel rewarded. Then one day something so dear will be taken away from you. You will ask, why did you take it? I can't live without him, you will grow bitter. But after some time you will meet someone new then you will forget how bitter you were from the past. Finally, you will hope that there will be no rough times because you finally adopt with the new one. This is life and this is time if you will not control it somebody will.

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