Saturday, April 23, 2016

I'm sorry my love

I am sorry because I have stepped on your pride
It's maybe because I am intimidated by you

I am sorry for not loving you back
maybe because I am afraid of the responsibilities that I might get into

I am sorry for hurting your heart
maybe because I was confused of what is going on

I am sorry for trampling your credibility
maybe because I am afraid that you might control me

I am sorry for my disobedience
maybe because I have better plans for myself

I am sorry to cause you pain and confusion
maybe because I have no choice but to fight back

I am sorry for the late reply
maybe because I have to recover from death first

I am sorry for being sorry
maybe because I feel the urgency to say so

I am sorry if it will disturb you
maybe because I have no intention to harm you

I am so sorry
from the bottom of my heart....

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