Sunday, April 17, 2016

The Hostage

Darling, can you see how rich I am? I can give you the world if you want it. But honey, you are my world which means you are the world to me. Hahahaha, that's my wife, very loyal to me. Darling, is there any difficulty running the business now. So far honey, nothing. (Suddenly the alarm rung). What is it darling? As the woman look out the window, she was almost hit by a bullet. Honey, we are being attacked. Go get your gun. Call the bodyguards. The man was caught off guard by three men he was overcome and passed out and was detained in a certain room. While, the woman was able to climbed the high walls in the backyards and got away.
The woman came running through the street and then got a taxi. She went to her relatives and asked for help. While she was sitting in the sofa of her Auntie the phone rang and the caller were the perpetrator. Hey! what do you want? Release my husband. Give us the code of the vault in your house and I will free your husband. No! I will not. First give me the assurance that my husband is still alive. Honey, don't listen to them. Don't give them the code because they will still kill me trust me they are evil person. Don't trust their words. Your husband is right, don't give the code we don't know if they will honor the agreement. But Auntie, what about my husband they will kill him. And what about you, think about your future. Anyway you also have your own savings aside from the wealth that your husband gave you. You can get away with that and have your own life.
The hostage taker called again. Hey woman, we need the money or else your husband will be dead. Okay! but let me get inside the house again and let my husband run at the rooftop. Okay.
The woman get inside the house while the police were following the woman and snipers were positioned at the rooftop. The helicopter already arrived as the get away vehicle of the couple.
Okay, the code is 0093500. Now, release my husband. No, we must open the vault first. But you promised! The husband got up and shoot the hostage taker. The man killed them all and their money was kept safe in the vault. The police get the dead body and did not filed a case against the couple for it is a pure self defense. And they need not to ride the helicopter. They cleaned the house and rearranged the house and make it beautiful again. And they live happily ever after.

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