Wednesday, April 20, 2016

You are the star of my life

I feel amazed with the beauty of your love
You dressed me with joy and happiness and your sweet touch
The secret key to happiness is finally have been found
And I feel abound with the blessings that the heavens sent from above

When you uncover the secret door of innocence
Thousands of emotions unleashed from then on
Purity, love and joy have been our dwelling place
We shared the ecstasy of being together

Buy my star grew dim when darkness strikes
I am engulf with the storms of envy and greed
I think my star have lost its power
Thanks be to God he didn't lost sight of me

You are the champion of my life
The key of my strength
You are the star of my life
And the lover of my soul

The blood of my veins gets rush in admiration
How can I deal with you in a simple notion
You are the star but I am just simple
There's nothing more to ask because of you I have more than enough

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