Monday, January 23, 2017

Nena's Trouble

Nena had a career as a public high school teacher in the town where is currently living. She's living with her family and she's quite happy and contented with that. But Nena has one problem left, she has no boyfriend yet. She has a quite and contented life with her family plus a very good career but everything has changed when she met a mysterious guy in facebook that gave her a lot of problem. They had exchanged of sweet messages in chat and the guy even proposed to her where she said yes. Nena always send enticing and though-provoking messages to the mysterious guy and that leads to their sweet moments together. They always had sex whenever they feel the urgency to do so. They always had sex at night, they had sex in school, they had sex everywhere and whenever they want to. Nena is now very happy because at last her life is complete, a nice family and happy love life and sex life. Nena suddenly noticed that what she saw on T.V. is actually happening to her in real life and she can relate to it. Nena reacted to every scenario on T.V. with all her heart but when she doesn't like it she is very angry. One thing that is going on in her mind is that whenever she had sex with the guy the economy goes high in their country that drives her more to have sex contact with the guy until she can hear on radio that she's being called "nakatira sa piggery" and that drives her mad. On T.V. she's being called "exhibitionist" and "palamunin". Nena is very angry with all these things. I must mention this part; actually she really meant to be angy to drive out the foreign people so that the success that her country has will be felt solely by her countrymen. Whenever she's angry at some news, what's actually going on in her mind is to give all the credit to the people. Inside Nena's mind is the welfare of the economy and the people. But when she's called "parausan" she's actually very angry with that. The day has come that she drive away the guy because of what she heard "parausan". She angrily slam the doors, punch the walls with her fist and cursing the guy saying "kahit pagmamay-ari mo pa ang kalahati ng mundo wala akong pakialam basta lumayas ka sa buhay ko". She rebuked the guy very angrily and drive him away and later on the guy left her. During those times when the guy left her she go to church as her refuge, she worked there as caretaker. She actually met several guys that became her boyfriend. She actually met them in facebook again. Before, I go any further, Nena has been sentenced to death by several companies who knew her life and also knew her cursing and all of her sexual activities with the guy. In every companies, they are actually running after her to take away her life. The refuge of Nena is her cellphone. In that gadget, she typed in everything that is happening to her while is calling for help. The death sentence given to her is death by vehicular accident and her body also specifically the respiratory system and digestive system has been damaged because of the curses that she received. Due to the fact that she typed in everything that happened to her in cellphone she was miraculously saved from any harm and most importantly the guy came back into her life. But before the guy came back while Nena is still lonely and in need of helpand rescue, several companies is still doing their daily routine of cursing, mocking and burning Nena to death. They actually wanted her to die. Suddenly the guy came back and Nena is very happy. At least now she has someone to lean on. The two go back as lovers and something is happening between them every night. Nena explained everything that happened to her to the guy and the guy is her rescue aside from several supporters that she had gained. Nena and the guy became even closer because they are now friends and lovers. While Nena and the guy are enjoying so much of their company, someone told Nena that the house where she is living has ghosts and these cause Nena to fear and panic. Nena said, she hated ghosts and after a few days Nena suffered asphyxia or breathing difficulty. But before that, Nena had said that she wished to die in order to see the guy. Because at that time Nena was deeply in love with the guy she planned to commit suicide but she cannot do it that's why she concluded that she is not really in love with the guy. Her plans of committing suicide is being hindered by her fear of death.
            Nena's trouble is actually fear of death since her death is pre-arranged by some people that gives her more reason to be afraid of death. 


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