Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Roller Coaster Ride

This is the story of an adventurer named Ana in a jungle full of mysterious animals and creepy inhabitants of this forest. When Ana is just 7 years old she already encountered a beast who beats her to death because she wanted to protect her sister Elsa from her enemies/playmates. Thanks to God because an old woman rescued her from the beast who beat her. The childhood of Ana and Elsa in that jungle is quite interesting and funny because they were able to play with all the kinds of animals that were present in that forest. The monkeys, dogs and cats were their best friends and they have memories together. Due to the need to sustain their daily needs Ana and her mother worked in a refreshment cafe or halu-haloan in that jungle. They worked hard there while Ana had to stop from schooling because they can't afford for it. There is no opportunity there that's why Ana and her mother transferred to another relative who owns a bakery store. They also worked their for awhile and since they felt that life is not improving in that place they look for a greener pasture so due to that they transferred to the city where it seemed life will give them a brighter future. Even though at first it is quite risky and they have no clue of what's gonna happen in their lives they lived their for a couple of years and that means settling in there for a long period of time. Thank God Ana is a gifted student and so she belonged to a pilot section consistently during high school and in college she received several awards and accomplishments. Life is really hard for Ana so she needs to do something in order to support her studies in college. After graduating high school, she decided to have a job as a nanny and a car wash girl. The task is so big for her so she resigned and transferred to another boss who owns a Learning Center. Again, Ana is in the duty of carrying the burden of the task of finishing studies up to college in order to help the family who is living under the grace of the Lord. Ana do the tasks like mopping the floor, washing dishes, washing clothes and cleaning the bathroom and sometimes she is a tutor and teacher-aid to the owner of the Learning Center. Ana graduated college with high grades and high moral because she knew that she worked hard for it. Her boss died before she graduated college. After that long and very tiring journey of carrying out the task of finishing college and to have a nice job in order to help the family, finally Ana had a job in a Lending Company. She worked there with ease and with controversy due to the fact that she had a crush on someone. While working in the lending she finds time to review for the upcoming Board Exam for Teachers and luckily she passed the Board Exam in just one take. For this reason, she resigned in the Lending Company and pursued her course taken while in college since she passed the Board Exam. Ana became a teacher in a public high school. Even though she felt that she's not that ready for the task of being a teacher the most important thing is that she did her best for the students. Another controversy in her life breaks in when she had an affair with her 4th year high school student. Because of the above mentioned reasoned she transferred to another school in order to have a new environment which is far from the judgmental people. Since Ana is longing for a supposedly lifetime partner in her life, she had an affair with a guy who she had met in the internet. Ana sends foul messages to the guy which is very enticing to the guy that provokes sensual activities. And yes, she had an affair with that mysterious guy and every night something is happening between the two of them. This is the spark of the life threatening event in her life. She almost lost her mind because she wanted to get away from those people who are placing her in a surveillance. This is the problem which is almost impossible to solve because she feels like she is battling against the world and she had to work hard just to continue existing in this world. Thank God because she had a nice family and she never lost support from them because she did not tell them of their true condition which is on the verge of a family massacre and that means death to the entire clan. Ana again worked as an admin. assistant in a church who also had the responsibility of cleaning and manning the church. Thank God because she is receiving a certain amount of money as a caretaker of the church. After several month of being alone, fighting alone in order to continue existing, the mysterious guy returned to the life of Ana. This time around, Ana gave her heart out to the guy and the mysterious guy gave his everything in return. They were in love to each other and planned to stay together whenever possible. The two of them still fights for the love that they have but this time around Ana is uncertain to her feelings because this means death to her. The events of Ana's life is quite detrimental, spooky and mysterious but still Ana is living under the grace of the Lord while others is still trying to end the life Ana. By the way, Ana has a new career now and it is in call center.

The End.

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